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Unlock health

Nature equipped microbes with the dormant ability to sequester and biodegrade environmental toxins and metabolic waste products.


 We awaken these powers to enable safe and effective detox 

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So what’s the matter?

 Our 21st century lifestyle means we’re missing out on the benefits of a healthy  gut microbiome.


 Metabolic waste products and toxins that are normally removed by symbiotic gut bacteria start to accumulate and cause problems.

 Chronic conditions like kidney stones and gout are caused by excessive levels of waste products that every cell in our bodies produce every day.

 Microbes in our gut can help restore the natural equilibrium between waste production and removal.

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How do we fix that?

 Many microbes have  the dormant ability to biodegrade or sequester various toxins.


 At unlocked labs, we awaken these powers by activating the right gene sets.


 As the gut equilibrates with the circulation, removing toxins in the gut in turn reduces levels throughout the entire body.

Why use bacteria?

 Microbes traverse the gut, and don’t enter the bloodstream. They are inherently safer than small molecule drugs as they don’t pass through liver and kidneys.

 At unlocked labs, we reprogram probiotic bacteria that are already known to be safe and have health benefits of their own. We carefully selected our bacteria to make sure they won't lose potency if you forget to put them back in the fridge.


 We don’t introduce any genes from other kinds of microbes. Instead, we leverage synthetic biology to activate the DNA that nature already put in place.

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Backed By Science

At unlocked labs, we pioneer future microbes. 

Our team leverages the dormant metabolic powers of traditional probiotics with advanced synthetic biology tools - we call it probiotics 2.0

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Changing lives

 Millions of Americans suffer from chronic conditions like gout and kidney stones, and millions more are at risk. Gout and kidney stones cause debilitating pain and can result in permanent, irreparable damage.

 Medical professionals prescribe drugs that are associated with common, often serious side effects. Patients are wary of these Rx drugs, and always on the lookout for safer alternatives. They find a variety of over-the-counter supplements marketed towards chronic conditions. Unfortunately, these supplements aren't backed by science, and there's no evidence they actually work.

Our goal is to help people with chronic conditions get the relief they need and deserve. We're developing science-backed microbes that effectively address the well-known root causes of chronic conditions.


 Our innovative microbes are specifically programmed to biodegrade or sequester the environmental toxins and metabolic waste product that cause conditions like gout and kidney stones.


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